The Johnny O'Connell Stage I Package delivers shock absorbers and sway bars. Sounds simple enough, until you really understand what you're getting. It's pretty cool that Johnny would spend months developing these components with our engineers, all so he can share his passion, his knowledge and his desire for the perfect street Corvette with you. Never before has there been a Corvette suspension package that puts you in control of the same components as Johnny. We know you can handle it.

Perfectly matched to the Johnny O'Connell shock absorbers, the Stage 1 sway bars will make for a complete transformation in your C5/C6 Corvette's performance. Flatter corning, faster cornering, and blistering speeds are all within your grasp with the addition of the Johnny O"Connell stage 1 package. Its the perfect balance that was developed- it will have your car handling just as good at the track as it will around town.