They’ve had death threats, they’ve had defecation put on their cars and windows…


“They’ve had death threats, they’ve had defecation put on their cars and windows and people have flooded their phones and Facebook Pages with threats,” said Hooper in a telephone interview with The Grand Rapids Press/Mlive.”

Wow! This story get’s crazier and crazier. Apparently First State Chevrolet, the dealership involved in Camarogate, had death threats as well as fecal matter smeared on their cars and storefront windows.

I can’t stop laughing about this. Not because I condone random acts of flatulence, but because someone else took up the Hoopers cause and fought for them the only way he or she knew how: by either A. squatting on a new vehicle and pinching a loaf or B. Premeditatively collecting his or her feces for future throwing or placing on a new vehicle or storefront windows. Whoever this person is takes things up a notch. Not quite as high as the person who called in a death threat but definitely higher than the people who left a bad Yelp review. All I know is the poop literally hit the fan with this story.

Here’s another new article about the ZL1 debacle. It covers exactly what Berger Chevrolet’s role was in this whole resolution.

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