Owners of Wrecked ZL1 Come to a Resolution

John Hooper Zl1

I’m sure many of you have read in the news this week about a husband and wife who dropped their pristine Camaro ZL1 off at a dealership for service and it was returned to them totaled. If you haven’t heard this story, read it now and come back to us.

Anyways, the saga has come to a resolution. On one of the wildest threads ever on Camaro5 with 1300+ comments and 55+ pages, Debbie and John Hooper, owners of the ZL1 saw a massive outpouring of goodwill from the car community. It started with the article going viral. Tons of blogs ran the story and the subsequent alledged mishandling by the dealership. Then the internet got involved and that included reddit’s r/cars section. I personally watched the dealership’s Facebook page receive hundreds of 1 star reviews in a matter of hours. I’m pretty sure they have since deleted their Facebook page because it will be impossible to salvage. Then the post started hitting the mega media sources like Yahoo Cars and network tv news.

On a personal note, last Friday I was updating Aaron Pfadt, owner of Pfadt Racing, on this drama and he was very concerned for the Hoopers. Around 4pm he came to my desk and asked me to send them something cool, tell them that we are thinking about them, and that they are experiencing all of our worst nightmares. So I contacted John Hooper and let him know we would be sending him a set of Pfadt sway bars for his next car, whenever he resolved this issue. John was ecstatic and we were happy to give him a little bit of excitement in the middle of this frustrating mess. What’s even cooler is today our friends over at Cold Air Inductions and Diode Dynamics followed suit and are hooking the Hoopers up with a Cold Air kit and custom LED lighting, and JDP Motorsports is hooking them up with a tow hook! Very cool of these two companies to do that and maybe another company or two will do the same thing.

Regardless, the nightmare is over. GM & Berger Chevrolet got involved and have sourced the Hoopers next ZL1. Hopefully the dealership will bounce back from this and no permanent damage will be done. It was a lesson in damage control and customer service and John Hooper himself felt bad for the amount of trouble that fell from the heavens on that dealership. It is also testament that the force is strong in car lovers and especially in the Camaro community. We are proud to be a part of it.

Here’s John’s post from Camaro 5.

Hooper Zl1 Resolved

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on “Owners of Wrecked ZL1 Come to a Resolution
One Comment on “Owners of Wrecked ZL1 Come to a Resolution

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