Man tries to steal C6 Corvette, can’t drive stick – FAIL


Dear car thieves. It used to be part of your job description to know how to drive stick. If you want to be a good car thief you should add this to your skill set of jimmying locks, looking shady, and smashing and grabbing. According to the Marion County Sherrif’s Office, Annas Abdel-Khaliq did not possess this skill. They wrote on their Facebook page:

Annas Abdel-Khaliq attempted to steal a 2012 corvette from Ocala Ford Motors last night. Deputy Bloom caught him in the vehicle and it appeared as if Annas was unable to drive a stick shift since he had only been able to move the car about 100 ft. Annas was ordered out of the vehicle, but he refused. In order to prevent him from taking a “400 horsepower joyride”, Deputy Bloom opened the driver’s side door and disconnected the seat belt and disengaged the gear shift. While doing so, Annas grabbed a steel bar and struck Deputy Bloom several times as Bloom defended himself with his left hand. Deputy Bloom assisted Annas out of the vehicle as he continued to swing the metal bar; Deputy Batts arrived and utilized his pepper spray at which time Annas tried to run away. Deputies were easily able to capture him and after a struggle he was placed into handcuffs and arrested.




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