81-year-old War Veteran Bound With Tape; Camaro Stolen

Louis Fierro

Man, if this doesn’t piss you off I don’t know what will. Louis Fierro is an 81-year-old war veteran of the Korean War. Friday evening, Nathan Rewarts, his 24-year-old next door neighbor’s son, who did lawn maintenance for him on occasion, dropped by unexpectedly. Rewarts then wrapped up the 81-year-old man in duct tape “like a mummy” and stole his 2013 Camaro. (Pretty badass the old-timer had such a sweet ride) It took Fierro hours to get loose out of the tape, rolling around and trying to use his teeth to get free. Luckily he got to a phone and called 911 and the police freed him and located the Camaro using OnStar. You can read the full account at the Tampa Bay Times.


I think this is sick on multiple levels. Many elderly have to rely on hired help to get by and Nathan Rewarts broke that sacred trust. On top of that, Fierro is probably pretty frail at his age and it sounds like he got manhandled pretty good, plus who know’s how long he would have been wrapped up before someone found him. If he doesn’t get regular visits he could have gone a few days stuck in that mess. I hope the judge throws the book at Rewarts. The good news is Fierro is still a badass after all these years.


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