Ever get the feeling that status quo just isn't good enough? So do we. Let our game changing Tri-Y Headers and Exhaust Manifolds help you break free from the mold. You'll feel the power.

Pfadt Race Enigneering Exhaust

Installing engine upgrades will win you half the battle. But if you want to win the race overall you need to optimize your engine with a Pfadt Pflash to boost your power curve and keep your engine reliable under the toughest conditions.

Pfadt engine tuning

Boost is good. Everyone knows it. Boost done right, however, is hard to find. Your search ends here because with our turbo package and your aspiration there will be no stopping you.

Pfadt Race Enigneering Turbo

Big performance can come in small packages. You owe it to yourself to get the most Horsepower out of your engine and we make it easy.

Pfadt Race Enigneering Down Pipe

Few things in life are as easy to accomplish as installing our Air Intake and feeling the power under the hood. We've got your back.

Pfadt Race Enigneering More

With great power comes great responsibility. The Pfadt Intercooler gives you the superior cooling you need for your high horsepower ATS. Whether the stock turbo is maxed out or you're ready to upgrade to the Pfadt Turbo, it is cooler to run Pfadt.

Pfadt Race Enigneering

No one has ever called engine and transmission mounts sexy. But when you experience what Pfadt mounts do for your performance, you just might.

Pfadt Race Enigneering Mounts