The Corvette C7 Stingray comes from the factory as an ultra-high performance sports car. But who couldn't use a little more? Or better yet: a lot more? The Pfadt P/Spec Packages deliver exactly that. Our C7 Corvette horse power package options will boost your Engine HP @ the crank to approximately 580 and more importantly boost your driving experience to an unparalleled height. Included in the package options:

If you are looking for a complete solution to boost the horse power of your C7 Corvette up to 580, then the P58 package will get you to that goal…faster. Our C7 Corvette performance packages install easily and deliver OEM-fit quality and show-winning appearance. Up for a game-changing upgrade? Install the frighteningly-fast P58 package that throws you against the seat and puts the Corvette's supercar compeition in the rearview. Not all C7 Stingray Engine Packages are created equal, and Pfadt has crafted the most powerful and reliable solution available.

Once the part installations are complete it is time to finish the job right on your C7 Stingray with the Pfadt Pflash Tune built specifically for YOUR Corvette C7. With a custom engineered Pfadt Corvette C7 tune you'll be dialed in and ready for action. As an added benefit, just send us your engine data logs for our review to ensure all systems are performing up to spec and provide entry-level diagnosis to make sure your getting the most our of your C7 Corvette tune. We even have the expertise to revise your tune based on your specific atmospheric conditions and optimize it for your needs. The bottom line: you will make the most reliable gains possible with the Pfadt P/Spec Packages, and have something truly unique to your Corvette C7 Stingray.